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So what happens in therapy anyway??

The idea of going to therapy can feel like jumping on a plane to a foreign land for many people. There's a mysterious air to what happens behind the closed door, and a feeling like some magic awaits on the other end. That magic is real in most cases, but hard earned! Let's talk about what we really do in therapy..

-We talk (a lot!) and explore patterns of thinking and behaving that serve you, and others that don't, determining together if there are areas for change, and what's holding you back

-I share practical coping strategies to manage overwhelming emotions and we practice them together in session, preparing you to use them in everyday life

-We talk about who you are in relation to other systems in your life (family, culture, environment etc.) and how these systems have impacted your identity and development

-You have space to share thoughts, feelings, stories and ideas that feel unsafe to share elsewhere, in a setting where you are held in unconditional high regard

Have more questions about what to expect? Email me, or book a free consultation. I am happy to answer your questions, big and small :)

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