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Mental health related websites & blogs: A list of my favourites

-The Body is Not an Apology- a body positivity and self love movement

I discovered this movement after hearing the founder, poet, author and activist Sonya Renee Taylor perform at a spoken word event in San Francisco. Sonya’s poem was radical, powerful and moving.. and turned out to be the catalyst for a book and international online community that has been promoting body positivity and self love now for 8 years. You can listen to the namesake poem here.

-Big White Wall- An anonymous online peer support community

Big White Wall is a FREE online peer support community for anyone with an Ontario postal code. The site offers 24/7 support and is moderated by mental health professionals. There are self guided courses, self improvement tools and resources, and mostly importantly, safe spaces to share your experiences with others going through the same things.

-The Mighty- A safe online community to discuss health issues for those experiencing them, and the people that care for them

The Mighty is an online forum to discuss all things health and mental health related. You can read articles from peers, post thoughts and ask questions. You can also email subscribe to receive relevant articles in your inbox.

-What I Be Project- “Building Security Through Insecurities”- A photo series and blog

What I Be is a powerful collection of photographs by Steve Rosenfield where individuals write their biggest insecurity on their bodies and share it with the world in a photo.

-Dior Vargas- People of Colour and Mental Illness Photo Project

Dior Vargas is a self proclaimed“Latina feminist and mental-health activist” that created this photo project to increase the representation of people of colour (POC) who experience mental illness. These powerful photos act as a reminder that mental illness does not discriminate based on race, despite the lack of media representation of POC, and help make space for everyone to join the conversation about mental health.

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